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A selection by DERMOT NOLAN, Master of Wine

Dún Laoghaire's fine wine shop

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Currently we don't have an eCommerce facility (we are re-designing with that in mind) but you can download an Excel file of the current wine list and then order from us by email and we can arrange payment and then delivery.

The Excel file has data filters to allow you to narrow your search by country, origin, price, alcohol by volume, colour, style, bottle size. It also indicates additional information such as grape blend, organic, biodynamic and/or vegan-friendly. You will have to enable content in order to use the data filters.

The wines are now priced at 20% off as a clearance price - these are really good prices so why not get your Christmas presents now?

The wines I've chosen are wines which I like, which have impressed me over my 27 or more years in the trade. Many are there because I know the makers, many because I like the particular producer, quite a few because they just seem to be really good examples of really interesting wines. All in all it's a very personal selection so don't be surprised if many wines aren't there - there is limited room available!