the wine library

A selection by DERMOT NOLAN, Master of Wine

On this website we have home, hours, news, social media, staff, and wines pages. To get in touch about anything you can email us or call (01)5441777.


The wines in the shop are a personal selection of wines which have impressed me over 27 years in the wine trade. Currently we don't have an eCommerce facility but you can download an Excel file of the current wine list and then order from us by email or by telephone (01)5441777 and we can arrange payment and then delivery.

The file has filters to allow you to narrow your search by country, origin, price(s), alcohol by volume, colour, style, bottle size. It gives stock in hand (bear in mind this might be slightly out of date) and it also indicates additional information such as organic, biodynamic and/or vegan-friendly. You will have to enable content in order to use the data filters.

The wines typically have three prices listed - the first is the standard bottle price. The second and third prices, where listed, are for purchases of 6 or more bottles and 12 or more bottles, respectively. These are mixed case discounts. Wines which have only a standard bottle price are already heavily discounted so no further discounts apply.