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The Institute of Masters of Wine

The Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) was founded in 1956, although the first Examination was held in 1953. It is a rigorous Examination which tests candidates on their overall knowledge of all aspects of the world of wine, as well as their ability to analyse various wines in blind conditions. More than any other skill it tests the candidate's ability to communicate the results of their analysis effectively.

Since 1953, with four new Masters of Wine (MWs) being admitted on 1st March 2018, a total of 436 people have passed the Examination. Given deaths and retirements in the intervening years the number of active MWs currently stands at 370, of which 245 are male and 125 are female. A full list of passes is available on this website.

A number of Irish people have become MWs over the years; since defining "Irish" is a bit tricky, here is a list of all those who can claim to be an Irish, Northern Irish, Anglo-Irish or Irish resident MW:

  1. Aileen Trew, Irish, 1979, RIP 1989

  2. Robin Kinahan, Northern Irish, 1990, resident UK

  3. Alan Crowley, Irish, 1993, resident ROI

  4. Martin Moran, Anglo-Irish, 1994, resident ROI

  5. Dermot Nolan, Irish, 1997, resident ROI

  6. Jane Boyce, Northern Irish, 2000, resident NI

  7. Carmel Kilcline, Irish, 2005, resident UK

  8. Fergal Tynan, Irish, 2005, resident UK

  9. Mary Gorman-McAdams, Irish, 2011, resident USA

  10. Barry Dick, Northern Irish, 2013, resident UK

  11. Anne McHale, Northern Irish, 2013, resident UK

  12. Lynne Coyle, Scottish, 2015, resident ROI

  13. Barbara Boyle, Irish, 2016, resident ROI

  14. Mick O'Connell, Irish, 2016, resident ROI